X-Files Stories

The X-Files was my second fandom. I came to it via a crossover from Sports Night. The author, Amirin, was one of my favorite SN writers, and suddenly, there I was, smack in the middle of a big long X-Files series. And here's me thinking, "But Mulder and Krycek hate each other!" But I was intrigued by the small piece of the series I'd read, so I went to the beginning of it. It's the Tapestry series, if you're interested.

I found my way to the Basement and RatB archives, and met some wonderful people on the RatB yahoogroups list. The rest, as they say, is history.

Below are the stories I've finished so far. As with my dS fic, no series is ever complete. The stories in each series are internally linked, so you don't have to come back to this page every time. You're welcome.

Stand-alone Stories

Centerfold Very short, very dark. My first posted XF fic.

Jactitation My first attempt at a Lyric Wheel story. Also short.

Now I Know Another Lyric Wheel shortie. Mild sap warning.


Road Trip
Trying to make sense of it all at the end of Season Eight.
Rest Stop
On The Road
Room 287
One Night in Stokesville...
...And the Next Morning

Menemsha Beach
An AU - two boys meet on a beach... (Sap warning!)
Menemsha Beach
Cherry Blossom Days

Coming...someday -- Another AU, working title "Psycho!Mulder"
It's nowhere near done, but if you'd like the first part to nibble on, feel free. Just turn out the lights when you're done.