due South Stories

For the record, all slash stories are Fraser/Kowalski. Dot it, file it, stick it in a box marked done.
Listed in reverse chronological order, oldest at the bottom.

Can't Stop Falling
Fraser returns to Chicago after a short holiday up north and finds a stranger in Ray Vecchio's place. Too bad it's not Ray Kowalski.
Rated NC-17

What You See 120K
The long-promised Part 3 to the Bar AU. Fraser and Ray still have a few things to work through. Like ... life.
Rated NC-17

Sea Change 80K
In which Fraser wins a raffle, Ray doubts his instincts, and Dief is barely mentioned.
Rated NC-17

Not Buddies 45K
This is a re-working of my first due South story, Buddies. It takes a few chances I wasn't quite ready for at the time.
Ray wants more than Fraser has to give. Angst ensues.
Rated NC-17

Drifting 26K
A collab with Alanna.
Fraser's feeling unsettled.
Rated NC-17

Distant Echoes 42K
Gen, not slash.
It's all about second chances.
Rated PG

Choices 7K
This is all LaT's fault.
Rated NC-17

Magic Words 32K
Fraser learns all he ever had to do was ask.
Rated NC-17

Parental Guidance 53K
A collab with KassRachel and Alanna.
Sometimes others see what you can't.
Rated NC-17

Where My Soul Dwells 40K
Fraser receives a letter from Chicago. A very angsty post-CotW story.
Rated R

The More Things Change . . . 45K
An evening out with Fraser and Ray. Rated NC-17

Slick  11K
A self-beta'd, smutty PWP, written as a present for Carla. NC-17.

The Way That We Used To Be 43K
On My Feet Again 59K
What You See 120K
What if...Fraser's second encounter with Gerrard had gone a bit differently?
Also known as "The Bar AU," rated NC-17.

Wildly Courteous Ways 38K
Working On Forever 67K
Any Other Way 19K
Also known as "The Series That Wouldn't Die." Rated NC-17 as a whole.

Buddies 11K
My first due South effort. Angst, sap, and bad language - rated R.