Sports Night Stories
Sports Night ran for two years on ABC before it was cancelled. I fell in love with the writing first - any show that makes you think in order to make you laugh is a Good Thing. The banter and wisecracks - often about obscure literary or historical figures - were what made me come back, week after week.

When the show was cancelled, I felt like friends had died. Comedy Central brought it back, and I started taping the episodes. Then one day I ran a search on the internet and found...the Sports Night Fan Fiction Archive. I clicked the link for new, and there were stories there...imagine my surprise when the first one I read (and I'm ashamed to say I don't remember which it was) had Dan and Casey in a sexual relationship by the end.

Huh? was hot. Yummy. And I read more. The gen stories were okay, too, but the thought of those two guys together really 'buttered my muffin', as the lovely RayK would say. Little did I know it would become a near-obsession.

The stories below are the first fan fiction I ever posted. They are rough, and the characterizations are sometimes...wonky. But I think there are some good bits, as well, so here they are.

Playing the Game

Just Another Monday Morning

When the Time is Right