My Recs Page
otherwise known as The Good Stuff

There are certain stories I will read again and again, because something in them made me smile, or laugh, or think, or cry. I've tried to list some of them here; maybe you'll see something you like too.

due South Recs

Rowan has to be first here, if only because her "Does a Body Good" was the first due South fic I ever read, long before I knew about the Wonder that is Kowalski. I hadn't even seen more than half an episode of the show (and a Vecchio ep at that), but something about the two men in her story grabbed me. If I had to pick a favorite, it'd be "Moving." Go, read 'em all. I'll wait.

Aukestrel changed my life in a wildly bizarre way by loaning me her extra tapes of all the Kowalski eps, along with a few important Vecchio ones. Again, I'm hard pressed to pick just one of her stories as a favorite, but "Likewise" always hits me upside the head - in a good way, of course. And her HCL fic is straight out of the heads of Billy and Joe. Swear to God. You'll have to get a password to get into her site, but a lot of her work is also archived at due Slash.

Colleen Kane has done some remarkable things with the English language. That's a compliment, Colleen. Short, spare pieces that are so rich they make me hurt. Porcelain - start there.

Denise Raymond has no website, I'm sorry to say, but her work is worth the trouble of finding. "All the Comforts of Home" is at the Ex-Wood site; and its follow-up, "Chicago Tales," is at due Slash. Get ready for a nice long session in front of the screen.

Kellie Matthews can write things I can see happening. "Boardwalk" and "Changing Gears" are two I love just for the costumes she dresses our boys in. And her "Snoop" series - also known as 'Boys with Toys' - makes me all quivery. Also wrote a crossover with Gus Knickel (PG - Buried on Sunday) and Ollie (CKR - Masterminds) that's totally drool-worthy.

Journey's "Family Portrait" knocked me out the first time I read it. I'm a big fan of AUs in general, and hers was so close to canon it really made me wonder...what if...?

Speranza writes stuff that could have been used on the show, if only they'd been far-sighted enough to hire her. "Chicago's Most Wanted" is a quirky almost-BadBen story, and "With Six you get Eggroll" takes post-CotW fic to a new level.

X-Files Recs

Wildy has to be first here. When I first read her work, I was awestruck. Her stuff bleeds, boys and girls; all over the floor. "Nothing Gold Can Stay" is a cool little X-File, and "The Threat" shivers me big time. I was thrilled and privileged to beta her work.

Skinner Box is another friend of mine. Ruthless beta and all-around slash-pimp, he sucked me into dS. His X-Files work is mostly Krycek/Jeffrey Spender - I know, but read it first. It just ... works.

I have to mention Amirin. "Tails" still makes me cry, and I've read it more times than I can count. It was the first time I really believed Mulder and Krycek together. And the Tapestry series, while unfinished, is definitely worth reading. Go to the page.

Speaking of stories that make me cry, Torch's "In Heavenly Peace" just about killed me the first time I read it. And "Ghosts" - jeez, just awe inspiring. As so many have said before me - "It's Torch, people!" Hell, read 'em all!

Multi-Fandom Recs

Viridian5 writes in more fandoms than I knew there were. And does it well, too. I wholeheartedly offer "Wayward" (dS) as a shining example of funny+sexy=greatness. There's a line that never fails to crack me up, and if you get through it and don't know which one I mean...check your pulse. "Follow," for those HCL fans who haven't yet read it, is just as funny in its own sick, twisted way. Also marvelous stories in the X-Files universe, Andromeda, Smallville...

Te is a given, really. Go, play in Teland.

Debchan has a very cool site. Fanfic pairings you never dreamed of, and a bunch of nice screencaps, to boot.

That's it for now, more to come, eventually.