Due Slash All due South slash, all the time.

The Sports Night Fanfiction Archive Um, well, the name says it all. Gen, het & slash.

Our Boys: The Best in West Wing and Sports Night Fanfic. Again, painfully obvious.

Down in the Basement X-Files slash archive. All pairings. Yeah, that means Lone Gunmen.

The Red and The Black (RatB) Krycek-centric slash. Pretty Theban Band pix, too.

Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers Very good information about m/m sex. There's even an FAQ section...and pictures...

Bindlestitch Got a kink? You'll probably find it here. No pairing is sacred.

"Ex-Wood" due South Fiction Archive

due South Transcripts Thanks, Trin!

The Broom Closet Not slash, just silly things that make me laugh. Page down to Silly Stuff and read Adventures with an Elk Carcass.

Television Without Pity What these guys do to TV shows is...well, it's pretty damn funny. I'm actually enjoying the X-Files once more by reading Jessica's reviews. Snarky, snarky people.