Bits and Pieces

These are all short stories, vignettes, or snippets. Most of them came about as responses to the challenges on the LiveJournal community ds_flashfiction, and are indicated as such. Enjoy, but don't take them too seriously.

The Mendacity Challenge.

A Change'll Do You Good.
For the "Slash Cliche" challenge. Ray tries to surprise Fraser and gets a surprise himself.

Ray Gets Lucky
For the "Slash Cliche" challenge -- "Undercover in a gay bar."

Fraser's not always Mr. Perfect... NC-17
("Naive-Fraser" challenge)

Ben learns why you should always be nice to strangers.

"The Lady or the Tiger"
Ray faces a decision. For the "Summer of '79" challenge.

"Invitation to Romance"
Another 'document' challenge response.

Never Chase A Man Off A Cliff
Very, very short. Written in response to the 'document' challenge.

Another drabble.
100 words set immediately following "The Deal."

A drabble.
100 words of masturbatory angst.

The Phone Call
Post-ep Victoria's Secret.

Laundry Day
A bit of mild voyeurism. Rated G.

Love Is...
A sad snip of Fraser-angst. Rated G.

Unnamed, un-betaed. NC-17

Ray hates the snow. Rated G.