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My name is Starfish, and these are my due South stories. Most of them are homoerotic (m/m) in theme, and some are fairly graphic. If you feel you might be offended by this, or if you're not of age where you live, please feel free to leave now. I shan't cry.

Still here? Okay, the site is still under construction - meaning I'm still learning the basics. Don't expect any pretty pictures just yet, but if the stories are why you came, they are listed below. No series should be presumed to be complete, since I never know when the voices will start talking again.

Feedback is very much welcomed, as is criticism. Tell me all about it. But since you've been warned about the smutty m/m content, don't bother getting all in my face about that. I have no shame. Ask anyone.

This way to the stories...

Snippets, vignettes, and the odd drabble...

Here's a link to my LJ, if you're interested in such things.

And a links page, 'cos there's a lot of fun stuff out there.

And some recommendations for reading. Nothing new, I'm sure.

In production:

Another AU -- what if...Ray Kowalski never became a cop? How would Fraser cope with the loss of his partner?

Part 3 of "The Bar AU" - more fun with Stella.

Part 4 of the Wildly Courteous Ways saga - a crossover of sorts with the "Viper" universe.

And ... a "Men With Brooms" AU (I know it's not due South, so sue me)
wherein Coach Foley had a son and a daughter, instead of two daughters.
Yes, I cast CKR in the part of the son. Why not?

I also wrote some Sports Night and X-Files slash.
Bear in mind that it's early work, and I've learned a lot since I wrote it.
Someday maybe I'll overhaul them, but for now, caveat lector.
My undying thanks to Jami Wilson, who was kind enough to host me before I found MRKS.

"Routine is the silent killer, Fraser."
"I thought that was heart disease."
"Nah, they changed it."
"When did that happen?"
"You were on vacation."

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